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The Most Unique Car Paint Colours!

Cars come in all shapes & sizes, but about paint colours? Often overlooked but it’s one of the first things we mention usually when describing a car. “A Green Lamborghini” is a great example. So lets take a look at some of the most unique car paints available!

Dragon Orange Metallic (Audi)

Audi Orange Paint
Image Source Marino Performance Motors

Orange & Yellows have been making a strong comeback. Audi decided their Q8 would get its own custom shade of orange paint, labelled Dragon Orange Metallic.


Sao Paulo Yellow (BMW)

Image Source XPEL San Antonio

Speaking of Yellows, lets look at BMW, the brethren of Audi. Their new M3 & M4s come with the option of Sao Paulo Yellow paint. It looks like a mix of yellow, green and pastel. Definitely a one of kind look that will have people arguing over whether your car is green or Yellow.

Papaya Spark (McLaren)

mclauren paint

Image Source flickr

McLaren also went the route of making a unique orange paint for their 765LT. We weren’t joking when we said orange was in, and McLaren may have a lot to do with it, their luxury brand has always been synonymous with Orange paint in the same way Kawasaki is always mingled with their ninja green. This may have inspired a lot of the other manufactures to use orange paint on their cars to give a feeling a luxury.


Frozen Berry Metallic (Porsche)


Image Source Porsche

Porsche is no stranger to innovation. Moving away from what everyone else is doing and making a unique colour that aims to draw attention using subtlety. Frozen Berry Metallic paint is in our opinion like a less prevalent rose gold, which in itself is a very popular colour. Taking that one step further and making the colour unique to Porsche is sure to make owners happy, having their own unique version of one of the most popular colours available. Porsche has always been known for their flexibility with colour, even allowing you to place unique legacy paint jobs onto any of their new range, even if they don’t come in that colour form the factory. It is an extra service that you will pay for though.

Regular Car Colours

So aside from proprietary car colours, you also have regular shades of colours. Let’s look at them.┬áThe least common car paint colors can vary depending on the region and market, as well as trends and styles that change over time. However, in general, some of the least common car paint colors include:

  1. Brown: While brown was a popular car color in the 1970s and 1980s, it has become less common in recent years, and is now considered a relatively uncommon choice for car paint.
  2. Gold: Gold is another color that was popular in the 1970s and 1980s but has become less common in recent years, likely due to changing trends and styles in the automotive industry.
  3. Green: While green was once a common color for cars, it has become less popular in recent years, and is now considered a relatively rare choice for car paint.
  4. Orange: Orange is a bright and bold color that is not as commonly used for cars as more neutral or subdued colors.
  5. Purple: Purple is a unique and bold color choice that is relatively uncommon for cars, although it can be a popular choice for custom or specialty vehicles.
  6. Pink: While pink has become more popular in recent years, it is still considered a relatively uncommon choice for car paint, and is often associated with custom or specialty vehicles.

Overall, car paint color trends and styles can change over time, and what is considered a rare or uncommon color now may become more popular in the future, and vice versa.

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