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Guinness World Records For Car Drifting

Lets start with Dennis Retera, who is a Porsche driving instructor in Germany, he took a Porsche Taycan and took it sliding an incredible 26.2 miles (42km)! We wonder if he felt car sick at all?

Image Source Porsche newsroom

This incredible feat earned the driver & Porsche the Guinness world record for longest drift in an Electric Vehicle (EV). The car drifted until its battery was depleted, a reported 210 laps until the battery was fully empty (The two models available are in 402hp or a 469 hp version with a 79.2 kWh or 93.4 kWh battery respectively. – We think it’s safe to assume that Dennis went with the latter, larger battery model). If you’re asking who held the record previously, well as far we as we know this was the first record for drifting in an EV, however, we still more to discuss when it comes to drifting, namely the records for non EV drifting.

Image Source Porsche

Firstly lets quickly cover the fastest drift according to the Guinness World Records, it was set by a custom tuned Nissan GT-R NISMO, by the Japanese drift master Masato Kawabata. The peak speed of the drift was 189 miles per hour or 304km per hour. The record was set in Dubai.
Image Source Nissan News
The longest drift record for a twin vehicle drift belongs to the BMW M5, an impressive 49 miles (79km) was achieved, but that just wasn’t good enough for BMW, they decided to take another go at a drifting world record, this time being allowed up to 8 hours to get the maximum distance possible whilst drifting.

Image Source Motortrend


And finally, the longest drift ever performed is listed as longest drift in 8 hours, so you already know we have some serious distance to cover. Both this record and the Porsches EV drift record were done on skidpad. This record spans 232.5 miles or 374km! The car in question was none other than another BMW M5 although this model was a four-wheel drive, built with a custom jet style refuelling system so that the team at BMW could keep the car fuelled up so it could continue to drift for as long as possible.

Image Source The Drive

Guinness say that any vehicle may be used as long as there is a differential between the ground speed and the driven speed. There are already attempts at beating these records, so keep an eye out for any record breaking moments in the drifting scene!

In order to become a Guinness World Record holder for car drifting, a driver must set a record that has never been done before, such as longest drift, most consecutive donuts, or highest speed drift. Achieving such a prestigious record requires an immense amount of skill and dedication, and requires the driver to possess an incredible amount of control over their vehicle. Additionally, the Guinness World Record for car drifting must be documented and verified by officials. This is to ensure that the record is legitimate and that all safety precautions have been taken into consideration.

Car drifting is an exciting and growing sport that has been gaining a lot of attention over the past couple of years. It involves driving a vehicle in a controlled and safe manner while gripping the asphalt with extreme precision and control. Drifting is a skill that requires a great deal of practice and precision, making it a popular sport amongst car enthusiasts.

The sport does come with its downsides though. Firstly there’s amateurs who practice in unsafe environments, trying to mimic what they see others do. Drifting in an inappropriate environment is risky for the driver, those around the area and the car. There is always a risk, so minimising it should be a priority. Finally the other main downside is the cost. The cost of specialist drifting gear is expensive and even if you stick with a stock car, the wear and tear will run up a bill fast, especially on your tires and fuel.

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