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You Can Own An Armoured Truck

Armoured Truck

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Fords Armoured Truck

Do you like to be prepared for any situation? Maybe you’re a fan of the military aesthetic or perhaps you just love Mad Max (Mad Max Fury Road Cars Could Now Be Yours!). Whatever your reasoning, you can be excited at the idea of having your very own armoured truck in your driveway. The vehicles is from 2017 and is formally known as the Terradyne Gurkha L.A.P.V. (Light Armoured Patrol Vehicle). It’s informally referred too as the Super Duty Ford due to the car it’s based off.

Image Source  Silodrome


This absolute beast has weight reduced B4 rated armour plating. It comes with a tonne of customization, which will cost you a pretty penny so if this truck is to your style, be aware that being this prepared will set back. The mods included are things like a dual fuel tank, where the primary tank holds 40 gallons and the reserve tank is double that capacity at 80 gallons. It also has surround lighting so you can light up everything around you, nothing will stay out of sight for long. The armoured truck is based on a 6.7-liter V-8, and has big 20 inch internal off-road tires. This way no terrain will provide a challenge for you new truck.

Armoured truck

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Is It Worth It?

It depends on the individual but if you ask us it’s definitely worth the price to have an absolute unit of a vehicle. Other cool features that might help push your decisions include a roof escape hatch, encase you need to get out quickly or end up on the side. You also have reverse sensors and reverse cameras so that’s your blind spot covered, but even if you reverse into something, I’d be more worried about what you hit. It has internal air compressors, a winch and fox shocks. If this seems like your kind of ride, it’s up for auction on Collecting Cars. A fully online auction.

Real World Application

Terradyne Gurkha L.A.P.V. (Light Armored Patrol Vehicle) is a specialized military-grade vehicle designed and manufactured by Terradyne Armored Vehicles Inc., a Canadian company that specializes in armored and tactical vehicles. As a private company, Terradyne Armored Vehicles does not publicly disclose sales figures for its products, so it is difficult to determine exactly how many Gurkha L.A.P.V. vehicles have been sold.

However, the Terradyne Gurkha has been used by several military and law enforcement organizations around the world, including the United States military, the Canadian military, and various police departments. The vehicle has also been featured in several movies and television shows, which has helped to raise its profile and increase its popularity among military enthusiasts and collectors.

Overall, while specific sales figures are not available, the Terradyne Gurkha is a well-known and respected vehicle in the military and law enforcement communities, and it has been deployed in a variety of roles and environments around the world.


As a specialized military-grade vehicle, the Terradyne Gurkha L.A.P.V. is likely to be more expensive to maintain than a standard civilian vehicle. The vehicle’s specialized design and heavy-duty components, such as its armour plating and bullet-resistant glass, may require more frequent maintenance and repairs, which can be costly.

Additionally, the cost of maintenance for the Gurkha L.A.P.V. may be influenced by factors such as the availability of replacement parts and specialized maintenance equipment. Because the vehicle is not a common consumer model, it may be more difficult to find replacement parts or experienced mechanics who are familiar with its unique features.

However, because Terradyne Armored Vehicles does not publicly disclose detailed information about maintenance costs, it is difficult to provide specific figures or estimates for the cost of maintaining a Gurkha L.A.P.V. Overall, it is safe to assume that maintenance costs for a specialized military vehicle like the Gurkha are likely to be higher than those for a standard civilian vehicle due to the vehicle’s unique features and specialized components.

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