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Volkswagen Jetta 2022

Volkswagen Jetta 2022
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The Volkswagen Jetta

Sedans are a very popular type of car, especially in the United States. Performance and value are always desirable and that’s why there’s been a large demand for Volkswagen to bring back the Jetta. Even the GLI version of the car has seen a lot of requests from eager drivers. It seems that the Jetta has a lot of people nostalgic for it. It’s a car many think about when the phrase “family friend sedan” but it doesn’t loose any style points. A great compromise between practicality and looks. It hits that balance very well.

So in 2022 Volkswagen have decided to bring back the Jetta in its seventh generation coming with refreshed design. Currently the Volkswagen Jetta is the their third best selling car in the U.S.A. The Jetta plays an important role in its lineup, but the other cars include the Vw Passat & Arteon. Volkswagen also brought it to our attention that they will no longer be selling the base model Golf in the U.S.A. but rather only its sportier models such as the Golf R or Golf GTI. This might be a move to create more demand for the new Jetta, brining the price gap between the Jetta & Gold further apart. The idea that is only done in the American market is interesting. The Jetta has been dropped in EU markets to try to focus purely on its USA market as the car has enjoyed more popularity there.

Volkswagen jetta
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With every new generation there are improvements and upgrades. The Volkswagen Jetta is no exception however their approach is to build on top of its strengths. The car will have to have ample room, good fuel economy, be fun to drive and be a low cost car to maintain. To help with that VW are offering 2 years free scheduled services (or 20,000 miles). To keep your Jetta running in tip top shape. The Jetta has a great track record and reputation and it’s understandable that VW will offer the free services to try and maintain that reputation. Messing up the relaunch of a somewhat iconic car is most manufactures nightmare.

As for improvements to the car, the car has a nicer exterior with a sleek sport trim, some minor design changes, includes more equipment as part of the standard package and has received an engine upgrade! The public expects there to be enough upgrades to justify purchasing an older model even if it’s a “new” car. The redesigns have to capture the magic of the original but offer a competitive edge in its price point against modern cars without sacrificing too much of its personality.

The Jetta’s previous engine was a 1.4 liter turbocharged four-cylinder. It is going to be retired to make way for the larger 1.5 liter engine. The new engine has 158 hp, much of that available at the low end. That’s an improvement of 10 horse power. And though it may seem small the improvement is definitely welcome. Car technology has come a long way and several small improvement and upgrades like this can go a long way in increasing performance and quality.

The price point is very important for a Volkswagen Jetta. Despite there being no official figures we know that VW wants the car to be at an obtainable price for the average person, so we expect the price not stray too far from the current model price at $20,000. With the exclusion of the base model Golf in America this will help make the Jetta the go to family car from the VW line up.

Volkswagen Jetta

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