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Uber Now Lets You Record Your Uber Ride Using Uber App

Uber App
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Uber’s Concerned With Safety

Uber has been a huge convince too many people, the company aimed to revolutionise the public transport industry. Often referred to be one of the biggest Taxi companies without owning a single taxi vehicle. But how does one go about safely recruiting drivers if anyone can sign on? Well there are a couple of approaches that work well for Uber. Firstly they screen potential drivers before allowing them to take their first passengers. They are also checked annually for criminal history. The company also has a fair amount of safety protocols to do with the COVID-19 pandemic, however this is not the safety topic we’re discussing in this article.

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Stepping It Up A Notch

So the drivers are checked, but that doesn’t help you in the moment. Well there are a few other things that are taken into account. Firstly passenger feedback is reviewed so if people think you’re sketchy you won’t last long. But even more impressive are the active measures, such as being able to immediately dial 911 (112) via the app and have it display a map, street names and other critical info you can quickly relay to your local law enforcement. Uber is known to share driver data with Lyft, a competitor in the transport space. However they put their differences aside to put safety first. If any driver is banned from one or the other company due to safety related reasons or concerns, the alternative company is given a heads up to avoid sketchy or dangerous individuals from hopping between the companies.

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The Newest Uber Safety Feature

The latest feature might not actually be as new as you may think. Firstly the idea was introduced into Latin America over 2 years ago but it’s finally hitting other states and countries. The features allows both the driver and the passenger to record the journey without having to notify one another. These recordings are secure and encrypted and won’t be listened to unless a security file complaint is submitted, in which case the audio will be sent for review. This is a step in the right direction.

How do you think Uber is handling the safety of its passengers and drivers? Could they be doing more or is it already a more than reasonable effort on the companies part?

Uber, like any transportation option, carries inherent risks, but the company has implemented a number of safety measures to minimize those risks.

Firstly, Uber conducts comprehensive background checks on all of its drivers, which includes a review of their driving record, criminal history, and vehicle documentation.

Secondly, Uber has implemented a rating system, which allows passengers to rate their driver after each ride. This helps to ensure that only safe and reliable drivers remain on the platform.

Additionally, Uber provides riders with important information about their driver and vehicle, including the driver’s name, photo, and license plate number, which allows riders to confirm they are getting into the correct car.

Finally, Uber also offers 24/7 customer support, which riders can use to report any safety concerns or issues they may have.

While no transportation option can be 100% safe, Uber has taken a number of steps to minimize the risks associated with using their service, and many people find it to be a convenient and safe way to get around. Uber has made a number of changes to its safety protocols and has implemented new technologies and policies designed to enhance rider safety. These include features like in-app safety tools, continuous driver screening, and the use of real-time ID checks to confirm the identity of drivers.

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