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Top Ten Formula 1 Drivers (By Wins)

Top Ten Formula 1 Drivers
Image Source FOX Sports

Top Ten Formula 1 Drivers

Before get into the list of the top ten formula 1 drivers, we just quickly want to clarify this is an objective list based on GP wins, Pole positions and championships won. Everyone has their own subjective favourites but for this list is purely based on statistics and numbers. Here we cover the bottom 5 of the top ten Formula 1 drivers. Let’s take a look at some of the best of the best.


10. Niki Lauda

Niki Lauda 
Image Source DNA

Despite being number 1o on the list, Niki Lauda was and is an inspiration too many. The talent of fearless driver sees him accompanying the all time greats of F1, and if the list was a bit more subjective he’d probably be up there in the top 5 given all he has done for the sport. Niki has 24 pole positions to his name & 25 race wins. He also won 3 championships.


9. Jim Clark

Image Source The Automotive India


Jim Clark was one of the greats, that’s how he ended up on this list. Starting in F1 in 1960 and being a talent that gained many followers and fans left Jim in a great spot during his time as a F1 racer. His 33 pole positions, 25 race wins and 2 championships plant him firmly into the top ten Formula 1 drivers. Niki And Jim could be swapped round without affecting the list too much. In the end we decided the 33 pole positions showed a higher level of consistency than Laudas extra championship on Jim.


8. Jackie Stewart

Top Ten Formula 1 Drivers

Image Source Formula1


Jackie Stewart is another name that is almost synonymous with motorsport. He left behind a lasting legacy after his retirement races and has the statics to back him up. Jackie has a total of 27 race wins, 17 pole positions and 3 championships.


7. Nigel Mansell

Image Source The Times


A British driver who stuck it out and is often remember for his incredible determinations and grit, with a staggering 31 race wins. Backed by 32 pole positions and a championship win.

6. Fernando Alonso

Image Source Cozy Hall

My personal favourite driver on the grid. Notably Fernando is still a driver at the time of writing, with the team Alpine. Alonso has had his fair share of controversy but the spaniard has proven time and time again that he is hungry for wins and vicious driver. Fernando has won 2 championships, held pole position 22 times and won 32 races.


This is the conclusion for part one of the list. Stay tuned for the follow up where we will dive into the top 5 drivers of all time!

What Does It Take?

Becoming an F1 driver typically requires a combination of natural talent, physical fitness, mental toughness, and extensive training and experience in karting and other lower-level racing categories. It also often requires financial backing or sponsorship to support the costs of racing at the professional level. Networking and connections within the racing industry can also be helpful in securing opportunities and advancing in the sport. Here are 5 steps to get you started:

  1. Developing your racing skills: This typically involves starting with karting at a young age and gradually progressing to higher-level racing categories, such as Formula 4, Formula 3, and Formula 2.

  2. Building a network: Making connections within the racing industry and cultivating relationships with teams, sponsors, and other key players can be important for securing opportunities and advancing in the sport.
  3. Gaining experience: Racing in a variety of different conditions and environments can help drivers develop the skills and experience necessary to succeed at the F1 level.
  4. Pursuing sponsorship or financial backing: F1 is an expensive sport, and many drivers rely on sponsorship or financial backing to support their racing careers.
  5. Impressing F1 teams: Ultimately, securing a seat on an F1 team requires demonstrating exceptional talent and potential, as well as making a strong impression on team owners, managers, and other decision-makers.

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