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The Most Realistic Car Games

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Realistic Car Games

While not to everyones tastes, it’s an undeniable fact that car simulators and car games have come leaps and bounds in visual fidelity. However, some of the older less pretty games still hold their own. Some even make an appearance as training tools for professional racers. Let’s explore some realistic car games:

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Need For Speed (Shift 2 Unleashed)

While Need for Speed has never been a very faithful racing simulation, being more of an Arcade racing game, Shift 2 Unleashed deserves an honourable mention for implementing realistic crashes & damage. Something the series is notoriously forgiving with usually.

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Assetto Corsa Competizione

Now for the realistic car games, Assetto Corsa Competizione uses real world race tracks as well as realistic dynamic tyre wear. Aerodynamics also play a large role here.

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Forza (Motorsport 7)

Forza holds the crown for many people when it comes to choosing a realistic racing game. Its spinoff series Horizon has also received praise for its beauty and authenticity. While fan generally consider the Motorsport series closer to reality, both series offer a huge number of cars and realistic mimicking of race conditions to make you feel right in the action.

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Dirt Rally 3.0

Dirty Rally 3.0 is another car game striving for realism. Their approach differs when you realise that the game offers much more diverse racing tracks. As opposed to most games on this list, Dirt Rally lets you drive on.. well on dirt. With realistic simulation technology it does a great job at mimicking different terrains that each require their own set of difficulties to master.

project cars
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Project Cars 2

Considered by many as the best realistic racing game. Project Cars 2 has an insane amount of graphical realism, its hard to argue with your eyes when what’s on screen seems so real. However the real secret of this game is under its hood, where it keep the LiveTrack system. This system allows the game to update weather and tyre conditions with each passing lap, making races far more dynamic and interesting. Rather than a race being either rainy or dry, you can experience both in the same game. Project Cars 2 also includes a healthy dose of off-road tracks too.

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Rfactor 2

This game takes some adjustment and time to get used too. It’s also considered an older race game at this point. So why is it right here as the final entry? That’s because this game is still used to this day to train NASCAR & Formula 1 drivers. While not the only racing simulator used to train pros, it’s a readily available one for anyone with the means to play it.

Hyper Realism

To finalise our thought we just wanted to touch on how far car games have come. You have sim racers. That’s an entirely new world to race games. It’s so realistic it’s used by professionals to practice. Literal simulations of actual tracks that are accurate to life. With overall improvements in the power of computers and the fidelity of graphics with 4k, 8k, VR and HDR it’s amazing how real cars look. Another great example of technology is Wreckfest. A game about demolition derbies. In this game so many small and detailed parts of your car can be damaged, come off and fly around and you bash into other racers and the environment. If we go back in time to not that long ago, this would not of been possible at all.

It makes you wonder where we will end up next. Modern tech makes for great driver experiences.

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