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The Most Powerful Engines You’ll Find In Production Cars

Powerful Engines

Welcome to our list of the most powerful engines ever put inside production cars. First a photo of the car, then some info, finally the engine. Let’s get started.

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Zenvo TSR-S: 1176 Hp V8 Engine

Zenvo has been around since 2009. They’ve made one of the most extreme road legal cars you can buy with a whopping 1176 horse power. Zenvo is one of the very few manufacturers who make their own powerful engines in house. The engine is a twin-supercharged 5.8 litre V8.

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Koenigsegg Agera RS: 1341 Hp V8 Engine

Image Source TopGear


Koenigsegg is well known for having the fastest or among the fastest cars. The company started out in 2011 and then brought out the world fastest road car with a top end of 249mph. The Agera you see above has a top speed of 276 mph and is road legal. The engine is a Ford-sourced 5 litre turbocharged V8 engine.

Powerful Engines
Image Source TopSpeed

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport: 1578 Hp W16 Engine

Image Source TopGear


So maybe we cheated a bit here, since the Bugatti Chiron technically has the most powerful engine in it out of all the cars in this list. It deserves top spot, however there are cars that can output a higher amount of horsepower using E.V. tech and other controversies that come up. If you’re looking for a simple cut and dry answer, this is the most powerful engines out of the list, with 8 litres & 16-cylinders in a “W” layout accompanied by not one, not two but four turbochargers.

Powerful Engines
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Koenigsegg Gemera: 1700 Hp 3-Cylinder Engine

Image Source Koenigsegg

There should be no surprise that Koenigsegg makes two entires here, they are after all known best for when they were the fastest. So this car is bit tricky since it only has 600hp base, with a 3 cylinder 2.0 litre engine. However it’s the three electric motors that bring this car up to speed. So whilst the engine isn’t the most impressive, with the tech enhancements this engine can compete with the giants.

Image Source ROT

SSC Tuatara: 1750 Hp V8 Engine

Image Source TopGear


Possibly the fastest production car out at the moment. Many car enthusiasts come at a standstill here due to the Tuatara being faster than the Bugatti despite the Bugatti having the more powerful engine. There are also controversies surrounding the timings used to determine this car as fastest. Regardless it can hit a top speed of 331 mph. It comes packed with a 5.9-liter turbocharged engine that delivers its power to its wheel in the same fashion that Helicopters do to their rotors.


powerful engines
Image Source Motor Authority

Wärtsilä-Sulzer RTA96-C engine

The largest lorry engine ever built is the Wärtsilä-Sulzer RTA96-C engine, which is a two-stroke turbocharged diesel engine that was originally designed for use in large cargo ships. The engine is incredibly powerful, producing up to 109,000 horsepower (81,000 kilowatts) and weighing over 2,300 tons.

While the RTA96-C engine is not typically used in lorries or other types of road vehicles, there are other large diesel engines that are commonly used in heavy-duty trucks and other commercial vehicles. These engines typically range in size from around 10 to 20 litres in displacement, with power outputs ranging from a few hundred horsepower to over 1,000 horsepower.

Wärtsilä-Sulzer RT-flex96C

The largest boat engine ever built is the Wärtsilä-Sulzer RT-flex96C engine, which is a two-stroke diesel engine that was designed for use in large container ships, tankers, and bulk carriers. The engine has a power output of up to 108,920 horsepower (81,290 kilowatts) and a total weight of around 2,300 tons.

The RT-flex96C engine is an advanced version of the previously mentioned RTA96-C engine, which was designed to be more fuel-efficient and to meet stricter emissions regulations. It has a displacement of over 25,000 liters and is capable of propelling some of the largest and most massive ships in the world.

It is worth noting that while the RT-flex96C engine is the largest boat engine ever built, there are other powerful engines used in other types of marine vessels, such as offshore drilling rigs and military ships. These engines can be even larger and more powerful than the RT-flex96C, depending on their intended use and application.

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