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Return Of Richard Hammond?

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Often known for being a co-host on Top Gear and then The Grand Tour, working alongside Clarkson & May and having had some of the worst crashes imaginable, surviving each daring crash. Richard Hammond has stated he’d like to start restoring classic cars, a far less risky endeavour for the internationally known show host.

Richard Hammonds Show

The show is primarily focused around the restoration of classical cars, and will be on Discovery+, streamed all over the UK later this year (2021)! Richard is going to be a busy man! The Grand Tour is releasing a set in Scotland (Richard is part of this too) in just 2 days time (July 30th). Alongside his usual activities Richard is going to be selling off some of his car collection to help fund his new adventure. The selling of his cars will be handled by Silverstone Auctions on August 1st 2021, so best hurry!

Richard Hammonds Collection

So what’s for sale then? Well some of the cars are: a 1969 Porsche 911T, a 1999 Lotus Esprit Sport 350 (number 5 of 48 built, according to the listing), 1959 Bentley S2 and 1977 Moto Guzzi Le Mans Mk & 1927 Sunbeam Model 2 and 1 motorcycles. A Ford RS200, which is still need in restoration work.

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Ed, Edd & Richard

Last part we’re touching on is a rumour or pipe dream brought about by the internet, “Edds China workshop diaries” is a similar show to Richards concept, a UK Classic car restoration show by Edd China, best know for his former work in Wheeler Dealers and the mechanic. The internet is begging for a Richard Hammond and End crossover, and we can’t say we blame them. The main support for this basically baseless theory / rumour is that Edd China has become more active and began posting on YouTube again recently, and many viewers refuse to believe this is a coincidence.

Richard Hammond has a large fan base derived from his time on Top Gear, but it appears that the Grand Tour has been publishing new series so it’s unlikely we’ll see Hammond do much solo television but the fans hold out hope. When he worked with discovery doing funny skits and science related topics he garnered a lot of following but everything is dwarfed by the popularity of when he is united with the car show trio known as the “original” top gear presenters.

Sticking To What You Know

It seems that Hammond will always be the short presenter of the grand tour alongside Jeremy Clarkson & James May. He is often spoken about due to his death defying car crashes. He has had two news worthy crashes that left him in the hospital. First during top gear he crash in the Vampire drag race in a car using jet engines for propulsion. His second large scale crash was during the Grand Tour.

It took place in a prototype electric car dubbed the Rimac Concept One. It was during a hill climbing race in Switzerland and the car had an electrical fire that lasted several days after the crash. The crash itself saw Hammond fly off the hill entirely and tumble down it.

Jeremy Clarkson summed it up as follows:

History has taught us you can’t drive in a straight line, and now we’ve seen you can’t drive round a corner either!
In his usual sarcastic method of delivery. Luckily in both cases Hammond was able to make a full recovery after spending time in hospital. You can’t deny he’s serious about his work when he’s willing to step into these super cars and continue with his passion despite these insane crashes.

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