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Maserati To Join Formula E In 2023

Maserati have confirmed that they will be joining the FIA Formula E championship races starting with the new Gen 3 rules and guidelines. This will take place in 2023.

Why Formula E?

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Most race enthusiasts will tell you that Formula 1 is the main event hosted by the FIA. Most PR firms will tell you that Formula 1 is the main event when it comes to marketing for sponsors and manufacturers alike. So why settle for Formula E? Why not Formula 1, 2 or 3? The Volkswagen Group seem to be keen to enter the F1 space (Volkswagen & Porsche To Join Formula 1?). The reason why Maserati wants to be in Formula E is simple and it’s actually not too far off from why VW and Porsche want into F1. See Porsche will only join F1 if the rules in 2025/6 are updated to bias more towards the electric parts of the power unit instead of the traditional combustion twin turbo part. Maserati decided that rather than mess around trying to get the rules of the main event changed, they’d participate the event that suits their brand image best.

All Electric Maserati

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Maserati is converting it’s entire fleet to electric cars. Many manufactures are doing this in a bit to reduce their carbon footprint. (New Line Up At Toyota All Electric Vehicles, Electric Car Batteries, Are There Enough Resources, Converting Classic Cars Into EVs, Spain To Kick Start EV Production by investing 4.3 Billion Euros). Those are some articles you can follow this one up with to learn more about the demand for Electric Vehicles and why that is a smart direction to take your car manufacturing company into to. Maserati CEO had the following to say about the news:

“We are very proud to be back where we belong as protagonists in the world of racing,” said Maserati CEO Davide Grasso. “We are powered by passion and innovative by nature. We have a long history of world-class excellence in competition and we are ready to drive performance in the future.

“In the race for more performance, luxury, and innovation, Folgore is irresistible and it is the purest expression of Maserati. That’s why we decided to go back to racing in the FIA Formula E World Championship, meeting our customers in the city centers of the world, taking the Trident forward into the future.”

Maserati’s entry into the Formula E championship is an interesting development for the brand, and it remains to be seen how well they will do in the series. There are several factors that could impact their performance, including:

  1. Competition: Formula E is a highly competitive series, with many top-tier teams and drivers competing for the championship. Maserati will need to develop a competitive car and attract talented drivers in order to compete at the highest level.
  2. Technology: Formula E is a unique racing series that places a high emphasis on technology and innovation. Maserati will need to develop an advanced electric powertrain and battery system in order to compete with the other teams.
  3. Experience: Maserati is a relatively new entrant to Formula E, and may lack the experience and knowledge of some of the more established teams. However, they may be able to draw on their experience in other forms of motorsport to help them succeed in the series.
  4. Brand recognition: Maserati is a well-known and respected brand in the world of luxury automobiles, but they may need to work to establish themselves in the world of motorsport. However, if they are able to establish a strong presence in Formula E, it could help to raise their profile and enhance their reputation.

Overall, it is difficult to predict how well Maserati will do in Formula E. However, if they are able to develop a competitive car and attract talented drivers, they may be able to establish themselves as a top team in the series.

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