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Mad Max Fury Road Cars Could Now Be Yours!

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, 2015. ph: Jasin Boland/©Warner Bros. Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection
MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, 2015. ph: Jasin Boland/©Warner Bros. Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection

Mad Max Fury Road

The popular movie from 2015 did exceptionally well in the box office and sparked a craze for post apocalyptic car modding. What may not come as surprise is that most if not all the “cars” featured are functional. We know that 13 of the heavily modded cars will  be up for sale in auction. It’s pretty uncertain where these cars will end up but there’s a good chance some younger millionaires grab a couple of these for the purposes of making video content and collection.

Mad Max

Image Source The Car Guide

Iconic Cars

Many of the cars featured in Mad Max have become iconic. Above is an image of the Doof wagon. A fan favourite due to its almost ridiculous design and the well loved character that commanders the vehicle. Lloyds auctioneers know exactly what type of audiences to expect for these types of cars. So much so that the descriptions are pretty aptly done for these movie cars. As an example:

Mutant lovechild of semi-trailer and hot rod, twin V8s end to end, six-wheel-drive, eighteen-wheeled leviathan charged with the barter of fluids and firearms that binds the three city-states of the Wasteland in tenuous alliance.

We know the auctioneers will have two days to place their “secret” bids on September 25 & 26.

Mad max
Image Source The Car Guide

Mad Max Prequel

Mad Max is due a prequel which is widely accepted to be released in 2023. This left many confused as to why they’re auctioning off some of their most iconic cars. Whilst obvious it will bring a healthy budget to the producers, it seems odd to remove these cars from the film. Perhaps they will be recreated or reimagined. However if the cars are not reproduced then these movie cars could increase in value exponentially. Most collectors are seeing it as a win win. Either their car goes up in value due to rarity, or their cars gain popularity via the new prequel movie. The only bad outcome would be if the studio sold off the new cars from the prequel and they are just improved variations of the current cars. Only time will tell.

Image Source The Car Guide

Image Source The Car Guide

Only For The Fans

The cars in the Mad Max movie franchise are not particularly practical in terms of real-world use. They are heavily modified and customized for the purposes of the movies, which are set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where resources are scarce, and the main characters are engaged in high-speed pursuits and battles.

The vehicles in the Mad Max movies typically have large, powerful engines, often with superchargers or other modifications to increase their performance. They also feature heavy armor plating and weapons, including guns, flamethrowers, and other types of ordnance.

While some elements of the Mad Max vehicles, such as their durability and off-road capabilities, might be useful in certain specialized applications, such as military or emergency services vehicles, most of the modifications and weapons featured in the movies would not be practical or legal for regular civilian use. Additionally, the excessive modifications and weight of the vehicles would likely result in poor fuel efficiency and handling characteristics, making them impractical for everyday driving. The most impractical would be the doof wagon.

The Doof Wagon is a large truck that features a massive sound system on the back, which is used to provide a soundtrack for the film’s high-speed chases and battles. The truck also has a flamethrower mounted on the front and is heavily armored with spikes and other defensive measures.

While the Doof Wagon is undeniably impressive in terms of its visual impact and its ability to provide a driving beat for the film’s action sequences, it is also highly impractical for real-world use. The massive sound system alone would require an enormous amount of power to operate, making the truck extremely fuel inefficient. The flamethrower and armor plating would also be illegal and dangerous on public roads, and the truck’s size and weight would make it difficult to maneuver in tight spaces.

Overall, while the Doof Wagon is an iconic and memorable vehicle from the Mad Max franchise, it is not a practical design for real-world use.

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