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5 Things I Love And 5 Things I Hate About The 98 Ford Mustang 4.6 GT SN 95

In this video I go through the 5 things I love and the 5 things I hate about the 1998 Ford Mustang 4.6 GT Sn 95. Despite having a few negative features it is still a fun car to drive.

This 1998 Ford Mustang 4.6 GT has a 4 speed automatic gearbox and is rear wheel drive. When it was new it produced 225 hp and could hit 100 km/p in 6.7 seconds.

This fourth gen Mustang design had the code name “SN-95” and was an updated version of the Fox platform. It cost around 24’000 dollars when new but you can pick them up now for around 5000 euros in Europe for ones in good condition.

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