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Los Montesinos Classic Car meeting (March)

In this video we visit the monthly classic car meeting at Los Montesinos in Spain. There were loads of great cars on show from Lamborghinis to Beach buggies, there was something for everyones taste in cars.

Watch the video and tell us in the comments which of these cool cars was your favourite.

The Los Montesinos car meet is an event that takes place on the 1st Sunday of every month on the Los Montesinos industrial estate. It started off as a little get together for the members of the Phoenix Car Club but over the years has grown into something much bigger with people coming from all over the Costa Blanca to show off their rides.

Every month the event has a huge selection of classic cars, sports cars, motorcycles and even the odd supercar turns up now and again. It is surely a car enthusiasts paradise relaxing on a Sunny Sunday morning looking at all these awesome machines.

Of course the Costa Car Trader team are always at the event handing out the latest edition of our magazine.

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