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Lexus New Line Up For Marvel Eternals

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Lexus & Marvel Deal!

Lexus has struck a deal with Marvel. Marvel has a new movie coming out to expand their cinematic universe and to help hype the move up Lexus has partnered up with Marvel to create ten custom themed cars after the character in the movie, dubbed Eternals. Each car represents a different cast member and a different power-set. Note that these cars are custom wrapped, other than the wrap there isn’t much difference between the base models and the promotional models. Lexus has made the following models available with the custom wraps: GX, LX, LS, IS, RC F, NX, and LC500. The movie is set hit the silver screen on November 5th.

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Eternal Wraps

Each version has a unique wrap, but they do all share some similarities. Each car has a golden glow on the grill as well as a golden under-glow. That’s where the similarities end. This was done to symbolise the energy all the characters share in the movie. The wraps were carefully considered to not just match the personality and powers of each hero, but also their armour. Lexus has selected to use it’s GX model for Ajak, one of the hero’s. He’s a strong and powerful hero so the car with the most striking appearance was paired with him. This theme continues with all the cars, and is a nice touch for the fans.

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Marvel Has Done This Before

For those who missed it, Marvel has used cars to hype up its movies before. For a long time Audi was the signature car from the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). However when Black Panther came along so did it’s matching car counterpart from none other than Lexus themselves. We have to assume this deal was mutually beneficial for it to go from a single car movie to an entire fleet representing each character.

Was It A Success?

The collaboration between Marvel and Lexus resulted in a limited edition Marvel-themed LC 500 coupe, which was unveiled at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con. The vehicle was designed in partnership with Marvel Studios and featured a custom “Black Panther” exterior with a vibranium-infused paint finish, as well as a bespoke interior inspired by the movie.

In terms of sales, it’s unclear how many units of the limited edition LC 500 were produced or sold, so it’s difficult to determine the success of the collaboration from a commercial standpoint. However, the collaboration generated a lot of buzz and positive publicity for both brands, as well as providing an opportunity to showcase the design and technology of the Lexus LC 500 to a wider audience.

Overall, while the collaboration may not have had a significant impact on Lexus’ sales, it was a successful marketing initiative that helped to strengthen the brand’s image and reach a new demographic of consumers.

As the limited edition Marvel-themed Lexus LC 500 was a high-end luxury vehicle with a starting price of over $100,000, it was likely purchased by a relatively small number of affluent customers who were fans of the Marvel franchise and interested in owning a unique and exclusive collector’s item. However, it is not publicly known who specifically purchased the cars or how many were sold. It’s possible that some of the limited edition Marvel-themed Lexus LC 500 coupes have been resold by their original owners, but as this was a limited edition vehicle, it is unlikely that many have been resold on the secondary market. The vehicle’s exclusivity and high price point would make it a rare and valuable collector’s item, which could potentially appreciate in value over time. However, without access to sales data, it’s difficult to say how many have been resold or at what price point.

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