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Lewis Hamilton Has Been Knighted

Lewis Hamilton

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Sir Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen came to a head in a very dramatic and controversial season final this year. Max Verstappen Wins The 2021 Formula 1 Championship. Max took the championship and you can read more about that in our other article linked above. However despite Lewis Hamilton losing the race and Mercedes questionable court appeals (now redacted) he still managed to have a spot light in the media. Lewis is now Sir Lewis Hamilton after being knighted by Prince Charles the day after the championship.

Image Source Vanguard

Achievements & Merit

Love or hate Lewis Hamilton, there is no denying he’s been nothing short of exceptional on the grid. The British driver has incredible stats. Over 100 race wins, over 4,000 points earned for his team, nearly 6,000 laps lead and 59 fastest laps is nothing to scoff at. Add in the fact that he’s currently tied and potentially on route to beat the world record F1 world championship wins, sitting at 7 currently. Further more, Lewis is not the only Formula 1 driver to be knighted.  Sir Jack Brabham & Sir Jackie Stewart both enjoyed the privileged of being knighted, however this was done many years after their retirements, Lewis is the very first F1 driver to be an active Formula 1 driver who’s been knighted, adding another record under his impressive belt.

Why Was He Knighted?

If you decided to ignore the previous paragraph then it might not be obvious why he’s been knighted. But the truth is Lewis had dominated the sport along with his team Mercedes and he brought pride to British fans and supporters of the sport. Having somebody so influential hail from your nationality (The United Kingdom) and having him set all these impressive records in the what many consider to be the most elite motor sports give him access to the privileged of knighthood.  F1 drivers are considered by many to be the best 20 drivers on the planet, and despite losing this last championship (barely), being the best of the best 7 for years does deserve some form of celebration, regardless if you like his character or not.


Lewis Hamilton is a British racing driver who has achieved considerable success in the sport of Formula One. In recognition of his accomplishments, he was awarded a knighthood in the 2021 New Year Honours, which is an annual event where people who have made significant contributions to British society are recognized for their achievements.

In the British honours system, knighthood is a title that is conferred upon an individual by the monarch (currently Queen Elizabeth II) in recognition of their services to the country. The title of “Sir” is then added to the individual’s name, and they are entitled to use the post-nominal letters “Kt” (which stands for Knight) after their name.

In Hamilton’s case, his knighthood was awarded in recognition of his impressive achievements in the sport of Formula One, as well as his work as an advocate for environmental and social justice causes. He is the first black driver to compete in Formula One and has used his platform to raise awareness about issues such as racial inequality and climate change.

While the title of “Sir” is largely ceremonial and does not confer any specific legal privileges, it is considered a high honour in British society and is reserved for individuals who have made a significant contribution to their field or to society as a whole.

Other Racing Drivers Who Have Been Knighted

  1. Jackie Stewart: The Scottish racing driver was knighted in 2001 for his contributions to motor sport and for his work in promoting safety in the sport. He won three Formula One World Championships and is widely regarded as one of the greatest drivers of all time.

  2. Stirling Moss: The British racing driver was knighted in 2000 for his contributions to motor sport. He won numerous races and championships over his career and is considered one of the greatest drivers of the 1950s and 1960s.
  3. Frank Williams: The founder and former team principal of the Williams Formula One team was knighted in 1999 for his services to motor sport. Williams has overseen his team to multiple constructors’ and drivers’ championships and is widely regarded as one of the most successful team principals in the history of Formula One.
  4. Colin Chapman: The founder of the Lotus Formula One team was posthumously knighted in 1988 for his contributions to motor sport. Chapman’s innovative engineering and design work helped revolutionize Formula One racing, and his team won multiple championships in the 1960s and 1970s.

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