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Lamborghini Hybrid Coming In 2023

Lamborghini has offered purely combustion powered engines and cars since its creation back in 1963. If you remember our older article, Ferrari &  Lamborghini Want Exemption From Combustion Engine Ban. Well it seems Lamborghini is still going to provide combustion engine cars, but hybrids join the line up next year (2023).


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Lamborghini No Longer Only Sells Combustion Cars

2022 is the final year in which Lamborghini will sell only combustion cars. Starting 2023 the new hybrid models are coming. It seems that Lambo took a page out of VWs book. Supposedly VW are also showing off their hybrid next year, followed by going fully electric by 2024. Lamborghini claims to have almost completely sold out its last production, claiming that sales are up 13% with a total of 8,405 vehicles delivered. Winkelmann said

“It will be the last time that we only offer combustion engines,”


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1.5 Billion Euros For Hybrids

Planning to up their efforts, 1.5 billion euros will be invested into to help facilitate the shift to Hybrid engines. They also said that fully electric models will be available later this decade. Seems like they’re fully focused and committed to going hybrid for now, with plans for the future to go fully electric, but the costs and quality are being watched carefully. It’s natural that a super car company like Lamborghini would take it very slow and cautious when transitioning its super effective vehicles to different engines and power units. With that in mind, it makes sense they want to complete the hybrid phase before committing to electric.


The final look and design of the car is not yet complete. But they’re leaning towards a 4 door car that would be practical in every day use. This isn’t exactly the top of the line car we were hoping for, especially with impressive electric vehicles such as  Hoonitron The All Electric Drifting Audi (Ken Block) being developed.

Benefits Of Electric Performance Cars

Electric cars can have some advantages when it comes to performance compared to traditional gasoline-powered cars. Some of these advantages include:

  1. Instant Torque: Electric motors produce maximum torque at zero RPM, which means that they can accelerate very quickly from a standstill. This can make them very quick off the line and can result in faster acceleration times than traditional gasoline-powered cars.
  2. Weight Distribution: Electric cars tend to have a low center of gravity due to the placement of heavy battery packs at the bottom of the car. This can improve handling and cornering ability, which is an important aspect of performance driving.
  3. Regenerative Braking: Many electric cars use regenerative braking, which captures energy that would otherwise be lost during braking and stores it in the battery. This can improve overall efficiency and can also provide additional braking force when needed.
  4. Customizable Power Delivery: Electric powertrains can be customized to deliver power in a variety of ways, which can allow for more precise control of acceleration and handling.

However, there are also some potential disadvantages to electric cars when it comes to performance. These can include issues with battery range and charging time, as well as limitations on top speed and overall range. Additionally, some performance enthusiasts may prefer the sound and feel of a traditional gasoline-powered engine, which can be difficult to replicate with an electric motor. The main thing that petrolheads will miss is the purr of a normal combustion engine when it operates. The idea that an electric vehicle can outperform a traditional engine can sit wrong with some traditional motor enthusiasts but the bottom line is that as times move forward so will technology and keeping with the times is a much safer bet than being left behind.

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