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Iconic Renault 5 Returning As Retro-Futuristic Electric Car

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Renault have recently launched the “Renaulution” strategic plan which is a new project for launching seven all new electric vehicles by 2025.

The French car manufacturer have revealed that one of the new electric vehicles is going to be a modern version of the Renault 5. The new model looks similar to the original’s design, blending its clean lines and flush surfaces with futuristic detailing on the lights and the front fascia. Many styling elements from the original have been changed to meet the needs of a modern EV, like the offset bonnet intake which now hides the charging hatch, the rear lights that feature aero flaps, and the front fog lights which now act as daytime running lights.

Other cool features of the new Renault 5 are front and rear logos that light up, a textile roof panel and a French flag on the door mirrors. Renault havent released any information or pictures of the interior except that it will feature a small transparent screen on the dashboard that can also project messages to people outside the vehicle.

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No information has been released yet on the powertrain’s capabilities but we do know that the French automaker is planning to make Ev vehicles a big part of their future with the new Renault 5 playing a big role in this.

Renault are also planning the reincarnation of the classic Renault 4 to add to their EV line up too which is likely to sit beneath the Renault 5 as a smaller, more budget friendly electric city car with a practical edge that could see it used for commercial purposes.

We are certainly looking to forward to seeing the return of the Renault 5 on our roads but does this mean it’s goodbye to the Clio, we’ll have to wait and see.

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The real question is which version does the public prefer? Whilst the new Renault 5 is undeniably an improvement over its predecessor, something has to be said for the timeless & simple design of the classic. A car that’s easy to work on, reliable and simple is worth a lot to the general public, more than you may have thought initially. Regardless of personal preference, it’s likely going to have an effect on the price of the older generation.

Will the price drop as it falls out of fashion or will the new model reinvigorate passion for a mostly forgotten car? With a large portion of the car industry looking to go electric and adding numerous TVs to their line up, the idea of rehashing older models into more desirable cars that fit todays requirements is a smart move on Renaults part.

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Since writing we’ve decided to revise this article since new information has been given to us by Renault. Firstly, it’s likely that these new line ups will come out for release in 2024 rather than 2025. But more importantly is the powertrain information has been revealed. The powertrain is called ePT-100kW and as you might have guess it has a potency of 100kW. It’s also made with sustainability in mind so no rare or precious materials are used.

Aside from the powertrain which is a new fork off from they 160kW one they already have, many of the EV features will be borrowed or reused form their other models. They already put in the time and money on R&D so why not reuse the technology. They have a system that they developed alongside Nissan and Mitsubishi. Inside the new Renault we can expect to see the same tech that’s employed in the Renault Captur or Nissan Juke.

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