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Fun Cars To Drive (Top 5 )

Welcome to our list of the most fun cars to drive, in this list the criteria is that the car must put a smile on your face every time you drive it, so no comparing specs or choosing the best supercars, simply the cars that are a joy to drive.

5. Mazda MX-5

Image Source Mazda

The Mazda MX5 is the best selling sports car in history (apart from one other car, who we’ll meet later) selling over 1,000,000 units since the company was launched in 1989. It’s hard to not love this car, it offers rear wheel drive in a light car that comes with a drop top roof, everything you need to get that feel good sensation when driving.

4. VW Golf GTI



The Golf and its variations such as GTI are excellent cars and loved by many. The main appeal of the Golf series is that it’s an excellent everyone car. Us petrolheads love cars for many different reasons, be it speed, practicality, looks, handling and so on. Well the Golf has everyone covered, it may not be the fastest, prettiest, …etc but its plenty fast and plenty pretty, it outperforms most average cars, the Golf lives in a limbo between daily runner and weekend fun car, making it perfect as a fun everyday runner.


3. Ford Mustang

Image Source Athens Ford


The Ford Mustang screams power, a true American muscle car. In most cases we would have to give it to the older generation of Mustangs, whilst the newer models are still excellent vehicles, they can’t match the charm the older models had. It is a very raw experience and an emotional drive. In an attempt to keep the list somewhat diverse we settle on Fords Mustang over one of their sports cars, their muscle car lineup is equally as impressive, just be sure that you take care in the corners. These cars are notorious for making drivers look silly due to being unable to handle the extreme power from the fun car to drive.

2. BMW (Most Of Them)

Image Source Westchester BMW


This one might be cheating a little bit, since it’s more than just one car, but BMW didn’t earn itself the nickname of “Drivers Cars” for no reason, no it’s because they’re extremely fun to drive! In fact BMW currently hold several drifting records you can learn more about here: Guinness World Records For Car Drifting

BMW has something for everyone, the main contenders here would be the E36 & E46 M3, the M1 & M2, the Z3 & Z4, The BMW Turbo & the BMW 650 – 850 series. You cannot go wrong with these German engineered cars!

Porsche 911

Image Source  One Click Drive

Remember earlier when we said you’d meet the best selling sports car? We’ve arrived. The 911 is a cult classic, it doesn’t matter what year model you buy, it doesn’t matter if you buy a couple, cabriolet, targa, turbo or GT3, you will have a smile from cheek to cheek in one of these cars. They are exceptional, staying in line with German engineering offered in the VW & BMW, but adding the feel good features from the Mazda mixed in with a feeling of relentless raw power. The Porsche is considered by many as the grandfather of sports cars but by no means are these cars outdated or irrelevant, if anything they show that a working formula doesn’t need much alteration to keep going and judging by the sales, people really like Porsche 911s.


Disclaimer: This list is based on subjective opinions of the author(s). If you have an option on these cars or any other car you feel should make the list then leave a comment.

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