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F1 Racers Daily Driver Cars

If you drive the worlds most over engineered speed machines, driving a daily driver must be a snore fest. Let’s see what F1 drivers when not on the track. We get the impression some of these may be forced onto them by their sponsors and teams, but with that out of the way let’s examine their cars.


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Redbull is a hot topic with Max Verstappen as the reining champion at the time of writing. But what do the Red Bull drivers actually drive? Starting with Max, he drivers an Aston Martin DB11. He’s living out his inner James Bond fantasies it seems. His partner on the grid Sergio Perez on the other hand driver a Honda Civic Type R. Sergio’s car choice makes more sense since Honda provides the engines for Red Bull Racing so it’s normal that Honda would want the drivers in their cars.

Scuderia Ferrari

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The most known racing and car brand, you don’t have to know F1 to know Ferrari. Their drivers are both seen in Ferraris in and off the grid, likely a contract requirement to be part of the team. Charles Leclerc drives a customised Ferrari 488 Pista Spider, whilst his teammate Carlos Sainz drives a custom Ferrari 812 Competizione.

Mercedes-AMG Petronas

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Mercedes dominated F1 for almost an entire decade before recently and as a result are an incredibly well known team. Sporting two British drivers. George Russell’s car of choice is a Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe. His teammate and vey well known multiple world championship holder Lewis Hamilton has a respectable collection of cars but when in public he’s seen in his Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class. When both Mercedes drivers driver Mercedes outside of work it makes it pretty obvious that just like with Ferrari, there’s contractual obligations pulling strings here.

Alpha Romeo

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Alpha Romeo has a rich history in the racing sport. They recently acquired the ex-mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas. It’s interesting to note that Alpha Romeo is a car manufacturer so you’d expect their drivers to drive their respective cars. But Valtteri drives a Mercedes. A Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series. Maybe the Mercedes drivers drive their Mercs because they like them after all. His teammate Zhou drives a Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio.

Alpha Tauri

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Alpha Tauri is the little sister team of Redbull Racing. They have Pierre Yuki. Both drivers drive a Honda Civic Type R, just like Sergio from Redbull. Just like Redbull, AlphaTauri uses Honda engines. Seems like everyone under the Redbull umbrella with the exception of reigning Champ Max has a Civic type R.

Do They Have To Drive Company Cars?

Formula One drivers are typically not required to drive their team’s company cars when they are not racing. However, some teams may offer their drivers the use of a company car as part of their contract, either as a perk or as a way to promote the team’s brand.

It is worth noting that Formula One drivers are often extremely busy during the racing season, with a rigorous training and travel schedule that can take them around the world. As a result, many drivers may prefer to use their own personal vehicles when they are not at the track, as this allows them more flexibility and control over their schedules.

That being said, some drivers may choose to use their team’s company car for promotional events or other public appearances, as this can help to reinforce their association with the team and its brand. However, this is typically a personal choice and not a contractual obligation.

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