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Coolest Cop Cars

All over the world when people think of cop cars their minds usually wanders to a Ford or Peugeot. Perhaps a dodge if you’re in the USA. Today we’re going through some of the coolest cop cars that were used by the police.

Cop Cars

Image Source Porsche Press Release Database

Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is a globally loved car and with good reasons too. This 911 was an Australian cop car that was used to patrol motorways. It was pretty effective too, not a lot of cars can outrun a 911 that can force traffic out the way with its Police sirens. Dr Helmut Eggert said that the relationship between Porsche and the Police has been a long tradition and that back in the 60s and 70s it was a far more common sight to see a Porsche as a cop car.

Jag Police Cars
Image Source Autocar

Jaguar XJ6

A fitting British car for the British police force. This car was in circulation with British police for about a decade between the 70s and 80s. It tuns out that the XJ6 is expensive to repair, maintain and buy, who’d of thought? Now the only time you’ll see a British cop in a Jag while on duty is when they are escorting the Prime Minister.

cop cars i8
Image Source Carscoops

BMW I8 Cop Car

This I8 was loaned to the Czech police force. To have an I8 to replace your cop cars seems like a brilliant idea. BMW gave the police force a 20,000km “loan” of an I8 so they could decided if the car would be suitable to police work. Unfortunately in less than a month the car was crashed. Records say that it was due to a medical emergency. Either way looks like the I8 wasn’t suitable.


Image Source RenderHub

Lamborghini Huracán

Italian police are well known for their two Gallardos, but one was destroyed in a high speed chase. Italy remained undeterred and decided to replace the broken Lamborghini with a brand new Huracan. The main purpose is for racing through Italy at high speeds, using it’s trunk (In the front of the car) to store and keep cool organs. That’s right. In an emergency the Italian cops will bring organs to emergency sites in a Lamborghini.

Why Concept Cars?

Concept cars are designed and built by car companies to showcase their creativity, innovation, and future vision. There are several reasons why car companies make concept cars:

  1. To generate buzz: Concept cars are often displayed at auto shows, generating interest and buzz for the company’s brand and products. These cars can be attention-grabbing and show-stopping, which can help the company stand out from the competition.
  2. To test new ideas: Concept cars are an opportunity for car companies to experiment with new technologies, design ideas, and features that may not yet be practical or feasible for production cars. By testing these ideas on a concept car, companies can get feedback from the public and industry experts before investing in full-scale production.
  3. To demonstrate innovation: Concept cars are often used to showcase a company’s innovation and vision for the future. They can feature new materials, advanced technologies, and futuristic design elements that demonstrate a company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible.
  4. To gather feedback: Concept cars can also be used to gather feedback from potential customers and industry experts. By displaying a concept car and asking for feedback, car companies can get a sense of what people like and dislike about their designs, and use that feedback to improve their future products.

With that in mind we can see that all these concept cars definitely generate buzz!

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