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Coolest Car Stunts Of All Time

Top Car Stunts Of All Time

Welcome to our list of some of the most impressive, dangerous and successful stunts to be performed in a car or a similar vehicle like a truck.  This list is in no particular order, the stunts vary quite a bit so it’s difficult to make an exact comparison between entries.

Top Gear: The Double Loop

Double Loop

Image Source Chaparral Motorsport

Top Gear set up this elaborate double loop and went on to break a world record with their car stunt. They called it the 720 (2 x 360) and the team performed it first time successfully when live on TV. There were 3 practice attempts beforehand which supposedly had failed.

Ballistic’ B.J. Baldwin: Recoil 2

Image Source RideNow

Tearing through the narrow streets of Mexico in his 850hp Chevrolet Silverado Trophy Truck, Baldwin has power sliding,  spins, burnouts and of course jumps. The most impressive parts of the 7 minute rampage include the shot above, where precise timing and speed make for some dramatic slow motion jump action.

Guerlain Chicherit: The Mini Flip

alps stunts

Image Source TopSpeed

Just as Baldwin above, Guerlain teamed up with Monster energy to perform an otherwise insane car stunt. The modified mini was driven up a 8 meter ramp into the air. Once up there he managed to do a 360 degrees backflip. Oh did we mention he did this in the alps on snow covered terrain?

Tanner Faust: World Record Distance Jump (Four Wheeled Vehicle)

Image Source Mail Online

We said the list wasn’t in any order but this last entry feel a step above the rest, not to take away from the death defying stunts above. Tanner beat the world record for distance jumps on this lift sized toy hot wheels track. He dropped from 10 stories to descend down 90 feat of orange track only to then propel himself a whopping 332 feet! beating out the old record of 301 feet. Just to add to the drama, nobody knew it was Tanner. This was until he revealed his identity after the stunt was completed successfully.



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