Aston Martin To Join The EV Movement By 2025



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Aston Martin Offering Electric Vehicles… Again?

Those of you with keen memories will likely remember that Aston Martin did in fact release an electric vehicle back in 2019, the Aston Martin Rapide E, displayed in the photo above. Since then Aston has changed their minds about the model, dropping it completely to focus on a all new electric Aston Martin that is scheduled to become available in 2025.

Lawrence Stroll, the chairman of Aston Martin told the Financial Times that shortly after the new electric vehicle is released an SUV EV will become available too, both cars will be manufactured in the United Kingdom. Currently the Vantage, DB11 and DBS Superleggera are all built in Gaydon, England, this will be where the new EV will be built. As for the SUV, that will be manufactured in St Athan, Wales where the DBX SUV is currently build.

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Lawrence Stroll said the sports car as a vehicle like the DB11 and Vantage and said the company is not certain if it will stick with the “DB” tag, the initials of previous Aston Martin backer David Brown, on newer models. It’s been rumoured that Aston Martin’ will replace the DB11 with the initials EV.

The electric sports car could ride on Aston Martin’s aluminum-intensive platform found in its current sports cars and which debuted in the DB11. The brand engineered the architecture to support electric power for the future.

With this in mind, developing an EV is an expensive process and as a result Aston Martin may have to call on large scale investor Mercedes, which has developed a dedicated EV platform debuting shortly.

In somewhat related news, in 2018 Lawrence Stroll bought out Racing Points formula one team and made it into Aston Martin, Lawrence’s son Lance Stroll drives alongside Sebastian Vettel in this new team.

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This is the third giant car manufacturer we’ve covered so far who have shown serious interest in going green and joining the EV movement. First we went over Porsche who is not only going green, but demands all its associates and suppliers have to do the same or face a boycott from the company. Then we looked at Seat who were encouraged massively by their government to begin producing more EV vehicles by Spain (Seat is a Spanish manufacture) having gained a huge grant from their government towards the cause. Now we’ve landed Aston Martin.

Another luxury brand alongside Porsche, it’s good to see the car giants setting the tone for other car companies to follow. Aston Martin has decided to make the leap but they announced it far ahead of time. 2025 is still a while away. We appreciate their being realistic and setting expectations. They’re a big company and these things take time to implement. We hope that they remind people of their efforts closer to the time thought to bring the issue back into the spotlight. While we imagine by 2025 it will be quite common for car companies to go green and produce EV’s, Aston Martin should definitely remind everyone of their intentions when they begin to help enforce the idea to those that are trailing behind. We have no doubt they will do so since they will be marketing their new cars and change in direction.

Overall the reception has been positive from most groups. There will always be groups among motor enthusiasts that long for the days where big powerful v8 or v12 large litre engines dominated the car scene, and the purr those car made will definitely be missed but we must look towards a more responsible future.


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