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Aston Martin DB5 Junior Limited Run!

Aston Martin DB5

Image Source Times of India

Aston Martin DB5 Junior – James Bond

The new Aston Martin DB5 Junior is having a limited time run for the new James Bond film. The coolest part about this miniature DB5 is that just like James Bonds car, this one will be fitted with all kinds of cool and secret spy gadgets. The Junior is slightly faster than its older versions with a better range too. It’s been made as an homage to the Aston Martin DB5 driven by James Bond in his Daniel Craig movies. A big noticeable difference is that the junior is cabriolet rather than coupe. This was done so parents can sit alongside their child in the car. Only 125 of these tuned spy cars will be made, and the price is likely to be £90,000 plus tax.

Aston Martin DB5 Junior

Image Source The Telegraph

Gadgets & Upgrades

If you already own an Aston Martin DB5 Junior then you can get it upgraded and fitted with all the cool Bond gadgets, but it’s on a first come first serve basis with limited slots. The gadgets on the car plentiful, and they’re controlled via a panel on the passenger side. Firstly we have the Gatling guns hidden in the headlights, we also have the famous license plate switcher but this time its digital. Finally we also have a smoke screen!

Aston Martin DB5 Junior
Image Source The Telegraph


Our favourite part of the new Junior is the time period correct gauges that have been connected to the electric powertrain to give accurate readings. Even the fuel gauge displays your current battery charge. We thought this was a very nice touch. The top end is 15 miles per hour faster than its previous iterations. The car has also seen a lot of new parts, manufactured by big name companies to improve the overall function. A range of approximately 80 miles and the top end is estimated to be a little over 45 miles per hour.


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