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Armoured Vehicle Facts

What Makes A Vehicle Armoured?

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The differences between a regular vehicle and armoured vehicle can be quite vast. For our article we’ll be talking about defensive vehicles that are designed for the protection of VIPS or safe transport in volatile areas. For the most part we’ll discuss regular cars that have been transformed into armoured vehicles as opposed to dedicated police or military vehicles.

Transparent Ballistic Material

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A very fancy word for reinforced glass. This class can be between 3 to 5 inches thick. It’ll stop most impacts and what most armoured vehicles use to stop anything unwanted from breaking through the glass and harming its occupants. The glass in a normal car is probably the most venerable part since you can be seen through it and it’s the most likely to break upon impact. This great technology makes it so you can still see through the glass but no rocks or unwanted items will end up inside your vehicle.

Increased Weight

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All the extra padding and thickness extends to all parts of the car. This dramatically increases the weight. So much so that armoured vehicles have special extra reinforced suspension to support that hugely increased weight. Another aspect that need replacing are the breaks. Stopping such a heavy vehicle in motion required some very heavy duty breaking power and special care needs to be taken that the discs do not overheat. All this gear makes the cars handle noticeably heavier, so all aspects to do with handling have to be improved upon too. The tires are reinforced both to be strong enough to support the weight and also to avoid puncturing as easily, even if traversing pointy objects.

Ramming Potential

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If you’ve gone through the effort of reinforcing every part of your vehicle, and then reinforcing the parts of the vehicle that support your new armour you’ve spent a pretty penny on making sure that the occupants of the vehicle are safe from outside factors. This leaves one last option for those wanting to affect you. To get into the vehicle, but as you might assume getting into a speeding car isn’t very easy. They are likely going to try and stop you via roadblock, be it items or other cars. Now the point of your new armoured vehicle is to not get stopped. For this reason the front and rear of the vehicle are extra strong (stronger than the already stronger than usual rest of the vehicle). Sometimes even shaped a certain way and it’s all to facilitate ramming. Hostile vehicle? Ram it. Roadblock? Ram through it. No matter what is trying to slow and stop you, your armoured vehicle is designed to punch through it with its sheer weight and powerful bumpers.

The Driver

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If you’re not a profession driver then now is the time to learn or hire one. That fancy and expensive armoured car is going to do you no good without a professional behind the wheel. Controlling such a capable and heavy vehicle takes serious skill. Doubly so when under a high stress situation, one that would justify being inside an armoured vehicle in the first place. So be sure that your skill or your driver skill can tame your vehicle.

The Total

All of the above points make a tactical armoured vehicle. The price point will be high, it will be expensive and the driver will not be cheap either. But you can rest easy knowing that you are safe from almost any type of attack or scenario.

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