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Apple Car Might Be Here Sooner Than You Think

Apple Car
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Apple Car

The rumours that have been developing a car have been going on for years at this point. With no real proof or anything to show Apple haven’t really commented on the concept publicly. We do know however that their EV is at least in prototyping stage. The Apple team said they’ve been taking two approached to the Apple car. A car comparable to a Telsa, with limited self driving abilities. Or alternatively a car that can completely drive itself autonomously with no need for human intervention. Apple love to innovate, so it should come as no surprise that they really want to be the first who get fully autonomous vehicles right. Similar to how they were one of the first brands to establish what a smartphone should be, they have a good chance of setting the bar to their standard when it comes to luxury self driving tech.

The Challenges

This will be no easy feat, many manufacturers having been trying to come up with different solutions to this issue. Notably a few issues come from morality, where a non conscious car will be put in situations where it must pick the lesser evil or two or more bad outcomes. Further more, it seems many cars struggle even with partial autonomy if the road markings are clear or the circumstances aren’t ideal. The project dubbed Titan has been changing hands, leadership and strategy since 2014.

When Will The Apple Car Be Out?

Apple want the car out by 2025. If they can or not is a different matter but that’s the goal. It’s interesting to think about this deadline since if they do manage to pull it off, it could have huge ramifications globally. Items such as hauling, transport, deliveries and public transportation could all end up becoming autonomous for better or worse. Other manufactures would surely replicate their formula, we can’t see Tesla taking too kindly to this either. Tesla supposedly wants to share most of their cars tech so that everyone has a shot at making better Electric Vehicles to aid the goal of a sustainable carbon footprint. However if apple are only a few years away from release with a fully autonomous car then you can be almost certain they have classified proprietary software and maybe even hardware that they are withholding from other manufacturers.

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Apple has been rumoured to be working on an electric car project, code-named “Project Titan,” for several years. However, the company has not officially announced any plans to release a car.

Reports and rumours about Apple’s car project have been circulating since 2014, and the company has reportedly hired hundreds of engineers and other experts in the automotive industry to work on the project. However, the project has seen some setbacks and changes in direction over the years, and it is unclear whether Apple will ultimately release a car or not.

In recent years, there have been reports that Apple has scaled back its ambitions for a self-driving car and is now focused on developing autonomous vehicle technology that could be used by other companies. It’s possible that Apple may ultimately partner with an existing auto maker to bring its autonomous vehicle technology to market, rather than developing and releasing its own car.

Overall, while Apple has not made any official announcements about a car release, the company’s continued investment in automotive technology suggests that it remains interested in this field. It remains to be seen what form Apple’s involvement in the automotive industry will ultimately take. When the release their vehicle the price point will probably a high one.

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